What is a Orgonite?

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Properties of orgonites.

The orgonita possesses energetic qualities beneficial to the health. Orgonite is a tool that cleans electromagnetic pollution in a way that absorbs positive ions from the environment and turns them into negative ions (life generators in Natura). The principle is based on its main element: quartz, being subjected under pressure in the resin and in the company of certain minerals and metals, generates an energy field that transforms the bad energy of the environment into good. It would act as a sort of antenna or energy filter that purifies the energy fields of the environment in which it is located.

Our Orgonitas are designed and built with the respect of the standards that these clean energy generators must comply with, and at the same time we give them an attractive and design without overloading them. Composed of semiprecious crystals such as the Herkimer Diamond, Amethyst, Citrine, Pink Quartz, Onix, etc ... and mainly Milky Quartz mixed between the metals (Copper and Aluminum).

We advocate for elegance and aesthetic sense with an impeccable performance based on the characteristics of an authentic 100% effective orgonite.

The most outstanding properties:

- Cleans the environment of harmful radiation (computer, telephone, television, appliances, etc.) harmonizes the space and generates well-being in the home.

- It benefits the health to people sensitive to the accumulations in excess of electromagnetic radiation.

- According to the own experience and testimonies it favors the restorative sleep.

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