Ressel Elegance


Our company philosophy.

Ressel Elegance is a company with more than 35 years of experience in the sector, born with the premise of creating true works of art for its customers. We are dedicated to the creation of decorative and interior accessories, specializing in accessories for the curtain, offering an exclusive and quality product, unique in the market.

The company focuses on ideas and projects in our chief sculptor, who in turn is the designer of our collections, veteran in the sector with decades of experience and possessing a vast knowledge of it.

We create handcrafted pieces using high quality materials with impeccable finishes, based on nature, the wonders of the world and in all its beauty, as well as on art, traditions from other cultures and mythological stories. They drink directly from the influences of the decorative arts and the revival of the Craft applied to modern times.

Our beginnings were forged by making curtain rod terminals in crystal resin, which we decorate with particles, crystals, semi-precious minerals of high quality, polished and made entirely manual and handmade. Thanks to this, we do not have two identical terminals and your product will be totally exclusive.

We make our own collections, not limited by market patterns, but by our own inspiration and creative initiative.

Product 100% Spanish, handmade and exclusive to decorate your home, work or any place you want. We develop the products looking for simple shapes but with their own identity.

Our goal is to contribute to creating warm, harmonious homes and endowing it with exclusivity with a few mouse clicks in our new online store.

"Your house is the place where your soul rests."

We are dealing with unique and exclusive handmade products, made with care and care, full of sophistication, always taking care of the details, the forms, the finishes and the use of the best raw materials.

With our great experience, we reinvent our collections to offer our clients a wide range that covers all the needs and tastes. That's why in every collection we get the highest level of environmental aesthetics, creating warm, enlightened and personal spaces.

Our products turn a simple element of decoration into an element of distinction.

"Because every space, like every person, is unique. Our work begins when an idea is born. "